It all started in 2019, taking inspiration from the bright and colorful lights of Hong Kong, Hugo and Cathy launched a LED neon business, began their mission to bring neon to everyone, everywhere. So, ISNEON was born.

With traditional neon being notoriously expensive, they wanted to find a way to make neon art accessible to everyone. LED Neon, an environmentally friendly, cost effective alternative used to create the highest quality signs. The range of LED Neon signs and lights have LED efficiency, are brighter, cheaper to use, and cheaper to buy. With flexible and customizable features, It is so much more than just a lighting solution. It’s also a force of creativity in any space.

ISNEON means I SEE NEON, we want to to make neon a meaningful piece of art rather than just a home decoration, spread color and light and make every home and streets feel like magic. Light up the world with neon and make magic happen.

So it does, in the past few years, we create stunning LED neon light art, a wide variety of eye-catching business signs, beautiful wedding name signs, personalized neon signs as gifts, customized neon home decor, and photo-worthy LED neon signs for parties and events.

Our signs have been sold in over 30 countries to customers, including homes, artists, small businesses, and some of the world’s famous brands.

We at ISNEON have been committed to producing the very best Neon Signs at an affordable price. Our professional designers and production experts team are ready to help you create the LED neon light of your dreams.

All of ISNEON signs, sculptures, wall art, and lamps are handcrafted using flexible LED mounted on clear acrylic backboards, stands, or boxes. LED flex neon products are more cost-effective, durable, energy-efficient, safer, and lighter than glass neon products while providing an incredible visual impact on par with, or even greater than, what you get with a traditional glass neon sign. The design, production and delivery process taking around two weeks. So every single order is made with care just for you.

Whether you're looking for a fun and quirky way to celebrate a wedding or want to create a festive atmosphere for a holiday party, these neon signs are the perfect way to do it! Add some extra magic to your next celebration with one of our unique neon signs!

Ready to glow with ISNEON Custom Signs?

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